Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My web library at is now available as an app for smart phones and tablets at Google Play and Amazon Kindle apps.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Spells

I have released new book titled The Spells.
Ebook formats are available at the iBookstore, Kindle store,, and other eBook retailers.
A high quality Print version is available at this link for $5.00 (Link - The Spells by Gary L Morton)

(83,500 words) The Spells is a sci-fi action novel. In the near future, detective Jack Michaels, accompanied by a fashion model, hunts for a missing teen girl in a case that explodes to mayhem, mutant gangsters and a freak doctor's mad plan for immortality.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Pinnacle City

My new science fiction novel Pinnacle City is now available at online books stores.

Pinnacle City is a sci-fi novel, 89,000 words in length. Future detective Jack Michaels investigates a series of bizarre killings at Pinnacle City in the Sky. The book is a novel of action and humor in a super complex of the future, featuring an assortment of characters from a private eye to an AI ghost, mutants and androids.
e-Book at Amazon
Print version at Pinnacle City

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Publishing a fiction e-Book (no print version of this one) called Zombie Six Pack at,, ... that in a short time will show in most online book stores in formats for eReaders.
Online reading sample is here.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Indian Falls

My new book Indian Falls - an alien invasion novel - is available for the Kindle and in other ebook formats

It is available in other eBook formats again at low price at Smashwords and and will be in online stores.
The 6x9 paperback is at Lulu or other online bookstores.

A different take on alien invasion it occurs in a small town and nature area in the near future. Supernatural occurrences become a full-scale alien invasion at a campground, nudist colony and then the town. Rather than big machines stomping about on iron legs as is the current movie fad the aliens are fast nighttime predators that devour humans almost instantly. There are some human government bad guys, an alien ambassador, traitors and a real explanation as to what the aliens are and why they are there. In offbeat fashion the townspeople have only a private eye and a heavily armed redneck militia leading their defense due to betrayal by police and military leaders.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cult of the Comet

I have released my new science fiction novel Cult of the Comet. It is in print and all eBook formats at top online bookstores. About 400 pages in paperback length.
6x9 high quality paperback at lulu
e-Book all formats at Smashwords
Kindle version at Amazon

Cult of the Comet takes place in a dark future. It features a fallen astronaut turned gritty private eye and a cult leader on a mission to grab interstellar travel. A Motherland Security police state and evil elders rule most of the world. Mutants control the rest. The race is on as a comet, which is the final visitation of an alien race, heads for perihelion at earth. This is a full length novel


Thursday, January 06, 2011

Making Monsters (sci fi horror fiction)

My sci-fi horror collection Making Monsters is out for 2011 and is available at  online book stores.
The paperback is high quality six by nine size. In regular paperback this collection would be about 520 pages

The paperback is available first at lulu.

Most e book versions can purchased at low cost from Smashwords.

The Kindle version is published at, just search for the title.
My web personal web site is

Capsule of tales MAKING MONSTERS
The stories vary in length from short-short to tales at long story or short novella length.
Pornographers and artists of the future meet horror in Making Monsters.
The President’s Man on Mars brings rebirth to a corrupt Earth.
Private Eye of the future Jack Michaels battles a time traveling serial killer in
Scarsdale and in Longevity matches wits with a 400 year old hidden ruler.
A mad astronaut discovers Earth’s unlikely origins on a distant planet called
A super computer designed to protect democracy goes on a killing spree in
666 Direct Democracy.
An alien monster comes to Earth as Zombie Glacier.
An offbeat President saves Earth from traitors and an alien invasion in
A Tiny Armageddon.
In a corporate future world a man finds himself becoming an ogre and IT.
A genetically enhanced man discovers Joe London’s Survivalist’s Notebook
on his trek northward through a devastated Canada.
A city worker battles the world wide corporate police of Renewal World.
In the near future an outcast entertainment director discovers the Castle of Fangs.
Corrupt global cops meet their match in the Brutality Zone.
An alien turns an area of Canada into zombie land in Dwellers,
Genetic cannibals break free in Cannibal Run and futuristic vampires run
in an alternate Toronto called Vampire Alley.

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